Products and Services represented in AGROMERCADOS 2016

Vegetables and Herbs: Cucumber, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, hydroponic lettuce, romaine lettuce,yellow endive, purpleendive, beet, cabbage, carrot, mini-carrots, chayote, zucchini, mini-zucchini, squash, sweet pepper/hot pepper, Nataly pepper, red bell pepper, sweet pea, yellow corn (grains), pea (grains), Brussel sprouts, white onion, red onion, purple onion, green onion, coriander, French green bean, Sapporo bean, jalapeño pepper, tabasco pepper, plum tomato, beefsteak tomato, celery, sweet corn, corn on the cob, baby corn, chayote, radish, parsley, basil..


Oriental Vegetables: Chinese and Indian eggplant, Chinese and Thai okra, Chinese and Indian cunde,gourd squash, long bean, and Americanokra.


Root Vegetables:Bulk potato, potato seed, waxed Valencia cassava, yellow cassava, white cassava, red sweet potato, white and purple taro.


Tropical Fruits: Banana, orange, grapefruit, cantaloupe, watermelon, passion fruit, dragon fruit, papaya, plantain, rambutan, lemon, guava, strawberries, wild blackberry, tamarind, nance, avocado, cashew, jocote, gooseberry, coconut, passion fruit, custard apples and noni.

Grains, Seeds, Dried Fruits and Aromatics: Corn, cashew nut, bean seed, red bean, black bean, soy bean, sesame seed, Salba chia, allspice, black pepper, cardamom, corn flour, condiments and mushrooms.


Specialty Coffee and Fine Cocoa: Available with organic, fair trade, rain forest and UTZ certification stamps; green coffee and ground coffee, cacaopaste and cocoa butter.


Live Plants and Flower Products: tropical foliage, ferns, betel leaf, heliconia, philodendron, roebellini palm.


Medicinal Plants for Nutritional Purposes or Pharmaceutical Supplements: Calaguala (Polypodiumleucotomos, Phlebodiumdecumanum), mint, peppermint, chamomile, ginger, oregano, thyme, aloe vera, anise, balsam, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, noni and flaxseed.


Agro-Industrial Products: Sugar cane and its derivatives (white sugar, refined granulated sugar, refined white sugar, raw sugar, organicbrown sugar, molasses), derivatives from African palm and plant processing (oil, shortening, soap, acids).


Processed Products: Processed frozen plantain, stuffed peppers, banana puree, tropical fruit concentrates (orange, blackberry, hibiscus, lemon, tamarind), citrus peel, dried tropical fruits, fruit preserves, pickled mixed vegetables, passion fruit pulp, maceratedtabasco pepper, aloe vera pulp drinks and juices, fruit wines, lemon grass essences, snacks (banana, taro, yucca, beetroot, carrot), pre-cut vegetables, soups and sauces, natural pineapple and rice vinegar, artisan chocolate, edible pastes.


Cigars and Tobacco: cigarettes, high quality cigars, tobacco leaf.



Aquaculture: Farmed shrimp, wild-caught shrimp, whole lobster, lobster tail, frozen conch, tilapia, and tilapia fillet.


Poultry: Fresh chicken meat, cooked chicken meat, chicken breasts and wings.

Livestock Sector: Beef cuts, vacuum packedbeef, leather, bone meal.


Apicultural: Honey in barrels, natural honey, beeswax, pollen and beehives..


Livestock Sector Supplies: Veterinary and general animal health products, vitamins, deworming, foods, premixes and additives, seeds for grass and forage, genetic products.


Dairy Sector: Pasteurizers, skimmers, homogenizers, burners, cooling tanks, transport tanks, cheese processing equipment, sanitary equipment, supplies, sanitizers, measuring equipment, quality control, milking equipment, etc.


Meat Sector: Equipment for cattle, poultry and pork slaughtering houses, slicing equipment, additives and ingredients, cutting and boning devices, processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, safety equipment, packaging equipment, meat processing equipment, packaging materials and containers, industry services, environmental control equipment, industrial uniforms,



Agricultural Supplies Fertilizers, bio-stimulants, premixes, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, bactericides, tackifiers, rooting material, foliar supplies, seed, pylon, genetic material, fibers for seedlings.


Technology, equipment and machinery: Irrigation equipment: drip tapes, connectors and filters. Agricultural machinery, spraying equipment, pressure washers, nozzles, greenhouses, shade cloth, structures, pita line, lawn equipment, measuring equipment for agricultural and climate parameters, water harvesting technologies, food processing equipment in general, pulper, pasteurizer, tubing, extruders, mills, agitators, food grade conveyor belts, fermentation chambers, dosers, filling machines, food grade hoses, heat exchangers, cauldrons, tables, peelers, etc.; Food packaging equipment, such as labels, sealers, filling machines, labeling machines and weighing systems. Post-harvest handling equipment, such as cold rooms, chillers, packaging and washing lines, waxes, dryers, plastic baskets, safety gear and food safety equipment.



Industrial Sector in General

Agro-Industrial Supplies: Softeners, essential oils, acids, food additives, alcohols, starches, ammoniac acids, anti-adherents, antifoams, antioxidants, sugar, benzoates, bicarbonates, cinnamon, carrageenan, caseins, clarifiers, natural dyes, seasonings, preservatives, lactic acid, dextrins, sweeteners, emulsifiers, enzymes, spices, thickeners, stabilizers, esters, extracts, corn starch, fibers, phosphates, fructose, sausage casings, glycols, glucose, glutamates, yeasts, meat linkers, minerals, nutraceuticals, flavor enhancers, prebiotics, proteins, flavors, sorbitol, serums, fat substitutes, milk substitutes, vitamins.


Wood Derivatives:  timber, logs, measured lumber, pure resin, refined resin, furniture, soaps, disinfectants, handicrafts, charcoal, pine woodchips,sweetgum extract and biomass

Finished Containers and Packaging: paper and plastic bags, cardboard, tin cans and containers, bottles and jars, multilayer containers, thermoformed products, disposable products, timber; machinery/equipment for packaging, equipment for coding, labeling and laminating, strapping, automation/control, packaging service providers, food processing machinery/equipment, ingredients, chemicals, pallets and drums, burlap, bags and sacks, covers and seals.


Financial Sector: Building alliances between entrepreneurs, buyers and financiers, identifying funding opportunities in all value chains participating in the event, willingness to promote new financial products for the agricultural sector, seeking alliances for co – investment, risk capital, guarantee funds, trusts, etc.


General Services, Consulting and Training:  National and international competitiveness projects with service offerings, consulting firms, pest control, water treatment, sanitation and sterilization, clothing and sanitary footwear, training services, universities, government programs and services for the sector; air and land transport and logistics services, maritime shipping companies.


Information Services: Availability of agricultural sector databases,the launching of new databases for topics of interest such as climate change, markets and innovation; information platforms via mobile phone, internet, print media, magazines, directories; entities that manage the information, etc.



If you do not find your product or service listed, the AGROMERCADOS team will accompany you to build and connect with allies or partners that can help you develop your business in Central America.


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